The Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), amended most recently in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), specifies information that must be made available to students, employees, and prospective students and employees. The National Post secondary Education Cooperative (NPEC) has proposed an organization of the information that, if widely adopted, will help students locate information of interest from many different schools. Indiana Wesleyan University follows the NPEC guidelines in the outline below.

  • The Contact Information page provides directions for personal assistance in obtaining institutional or financial aid information.
  • The General Institutional Information page shares a wealth of information regarding student rights and services, academic programs and resources, and academic costs.
  • The Teacher Preparation Program Reports share a wealth of information about our two programs that prepare teachers for initial state certification or licensure, the traditional undergraduate program and the Transition to Teaching program for adult students already holding a bachelor’s degree. These reports are submitted to the state and federal Departments of Education each year.
    • Report for the Traditional Undergraduate Teacher Education Program (Indiana)
    • Report for the Traditional Undergraduate Teacher Education Program (Ohio)
    • Report for the Transition to Teaching Program

    The compilation annual reports of the individual states and the U.S. Secretary of Education are available at

  • The Student Financial Assistance page informs students of opportunities, processes and responsibilities regarding financial assistance in support of their educational pursuits.
  • The Health and Safety page shares policies regarding vaccinations, substance abuse, and crime prevention and response, as well as access to crime statistics.
  • The Student Outcomes page shares various statistics relating to student success in IWU academic programs.
  • The Athletics Disclosures page shares information for prospective student athletes from the federal EADA report and the annual prospective athlete report.
  • The EADA Athletics Annual Report Per federal HEA regulations, prospective athletes are entitled to information regarding the student-athlete populations and athletic programs. The documents presented here are intended to meet these requirements and help current and prospective student-athletes be informed about  how Indiana Wesleyan University invests in athletics. For more information about IWU althetics, go to:
  • The Voter Registration page points students to voter registration materials.
  • The Institutional Authorization and Consumer Complaints page documents IWU’s authorization to provide higher education and instructs students on procedures for filing complaints with internal and external offices and agencies.